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10-29-17-2017: Collectors En Fuego #1 IS HERE!

This new 24 page one-shot issue contains some of the very best Collectors comic strips sprinkled with new material and brought to you en EspaŮol! This new addition to the Collectors library will debut at The Latino Comics Expo on November 11th and 12th, but you can order your copy RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW!

9-12-2017: Collectors at Stan Lee's L.A. Comic Con!

Stop by table D( at Stan Lee's Los Angeles Comic Con for some cool Collectors stuff and to enter an AMAZING giveaway!

1-28-2017: Collectors Featured on Bleeding Cool!

Check me out! I'm featured on Bleeding Cool talking about everyone's favorite comic strip Collectors!!! Does this mean I've finally hit the big time? Does this mean Kristen will stop giving me the side eye every time I say something stupid? Does this mean you REALLY like me?!! Click Here to read the full interview!

9-5-2016: Collectors on The Fanbase Weekly!

I recently sat down in the studio with Barbra and Bryant Dillon of Fanbase Press to talk about Collectors and the latest comic related news of the week. If you like what you hear, be sure to check out the past episodes of their amazing podcast (even if I'm not on them)!

6-25-2016: Collectors 2016 Convention Schedule!

Hey Collectors fans! You can meet me at one of these upcoming conventions along with the rest of my Imagine Everything Studios friends!

Comic-Con Palm Springs, August 26th-28th 2016
I'll be at the inaugural Comic Con Palm Springs along with special guest Stan Lee! Be sure to get tickets and the show info at

Rose City Comic Con, September 10th-11th 2016
I'll be at Portland's Rose City Comic Con for the first time ever and I can't wait! Get your tickets and check out the guest list at

Stan Lee's Comikaze Expo, October 28th-30th 2016
I'll be at the inaugural Comic Con Palm Springs along with special guest Stan Lee! Be sure to get tickets and the show info at

10-4-2015: Collectors #3 Debuts This Month!

You can be first to get a copy of the third Collectors annual The Vault of Collectors! The new book will debut at two great shows this month, first at Zappcon on the 17th and 18th and then at Comikaze Expo on Halloween weekend! Come on out to one of these awesome shows to get your signed copy and say hi!

October 17-18: ZAPPCON, Valdez Hall Fresno CA
ZAPPCON is Central California's largest comic/fantasy/gaming convention and I'll be in Artist's Alley with lots of great Collectors stuff! For full info and address go to

October 30st-November 1st: Stan Lee's Comikaze Expo, Los Angeles CA
Come see me in the heart of Downtown L.A. at Stan Lee's premier con! I'm a special guest of the show this year and you'll find me with Collectors stuff galore! For full info and address go to

2-4-2014: Collectors on The Brothers Bear Podcast!

Kristen and I recently sat down in the studio with Sanch, Carlos and Schweddy of The Brothers Bear Podcast to talk all about Collectors, comics, movies and how I started making my own comic strip. I share my origin story, we take a few listener calls and Kristen impresses the hosts with The Never Ending Story! It was such a blast being interviewed by them and I think I even impressed Kristen!

12-9-2013: Collectors Spotlighted on Stan Lee's Website!

When I started Collectors over a year and a half ago, I never thought that I would be contacted by Stan Lee's office and asked if I'd like to have my comic strip spotlighted on Stan's website. Who would say no to that?! It was doubly amazing when they then asked if I would be interested in giving Stan a cameo in a Collectors strip! Stan Lee asking to be in MY comic strip?! That's CRAZY!!! Could NEVER happen! Never in a MILLION years!!! Well, if you saw the Collectors strip for November 9th, that's EXACTLY what happened! Hold on...still pinching myself.

My full interview and Collectors spotlight is now live on Stan's website and you can Click here to check it out. I guess all that's left to say now is...EXCELSIOR!!!

10-2-2013: Collectors featured at Amore Vino!

Eddie deAngelini will be the featured artist at Amore Vino in Old Torrance during the month of October. For the entire month, selected framed original Collectors strips will be on display and for sale along with copies of Collectors King-Size Annual #1. For more info on Amore Vino, click here to visit their website.

6-9-2013: Collectors King-Size Annual #1 Now Available!

The BIG premiere issue of Collectors is here and goes on sale June 12th!!! This 48 page annual collects strips from 2012 and also includes several pages of new, never seen material! You'll be able to get your copy in the Collectors online store and if you're in the Los Angeles area on June 12th, you can stop by Geoffrey's Comics to meet Eddie and buy a signed copy of the book!

3-25-2013: Collectors on Kickstarter!

Collectors is coming to print with the help of Kickstarter!!! You can a part of the big 48 page first issue that collects strips from 2012 along with brand new bonus material! The rewards include signed copies of the book, Collectors t-shirts, Collectors original art and an opportunity to become a recurring character in future strips! Click here to go to the Kickstarter page!!!

1-19-2013: Collectors Coming To Print!

Work on the print version of Collectors #1 has begun! It's going to be a 48 page issue with about a dozen pages of new content that won't be available anywhere else!

Want to be part of the upcoming Collectors #1 print comic? Love to see your rambling thoughts and opinions on paper? Then be a part of the first ever Collectors letter page!!! You can send your love (or hate) to and do you best to make it fit to print. A special prize awaits the person with the best name for the letter page!!!

12-31-2012: Those We Lost in 2012

With the passing of each year, we sadly lose more of the elder comic book creators who helped make the comic art form what it is today. Their work will always be with us, but as each one passes so do their unique memories, opinions and creative talents. As 2013 approaches, letís not forget the history that weíve lost as 2012 closes. If youíre not familiar with the work of any of these legends, seek it out and soak it in.

Tony DeZuniga, 1932-2012
Tony DeZuniga began his comic career at the age of 16 in the 1960ís and went on to work for DC Comics, making him the first Filipino to work for a major comic book publisher. His talent and drive opened the door for many other Filipino artists who also left their mark at DC. Tony will be known best for co-creating western hero Jonah Hex.

Joe Kubert, 1926-2012
Joe Kubertís legendary career started in the 1940ís and never stopped. He is most noted for co-creating the World War Two hero Sgt. Rock as well as illustrating many of DCís other war titles and also Hawkman and Tarzan. A master at comic illustration and storytelling, he later went on to found The Kubert School to teach future generations of artists.

Marc Swayze, 1913-2012
Marc Swayze was an early comic book artist and writer for Fawcett Publications. Marc worked on numerous titles for Fawcett, including Captain Marvel Adventures, Whiz Comics, and Wow Comics. He co-created Mary Marvel with writer Otto Binder, and drew many of her early adventures including her first appearance in Captain Marvel Adventures #18 in 1942.

John Severin, 1921-2012
Spanning several decades, John Severinís career started at the infamous EC Comics drawing many of their war titles and early issues of Mad. After EC collapsed, John went on to Marvel and settled in on titles like Sgt. Fury and His Howling Commandos, The Incredible Hulk and Conan the Barbarian. He will be most remembered for his longtime work on the humor magazine Cracked.

Sheldon Moldoff, 1920-2012
Sheldon Moldoff started his career as an assistant to Batman creator Bob Kane. Shedlon spent most of the 1950ís and 1960ís drawing Batman as Kaneís ghost artist. Not until a couple decades later was his work recognized as being so influential to the Bat-Universe.

Ernie Chan, 1940-2012
Ernie Chan was another Filipino artist who broke into the American comic industry shortly after Tony DeZuniga. Tony opened the door for Ernie at DC Comics, where he worked for two years on Batman and Detective Comics. He then switched to Marvel in the late 1970ís and revitalized titles like Conan the Barbarian and Power Man and Iron Fist.

11-23-2012: Grand Opening of the Collectors Store!

Want to bring the fun of Collectors home? Now you can! The Collectors online store is now open!

You'll be the envy of all the comic nerds on your block with your very own Collectors t-shirt! You can choose from two different and original designs for those times when you need to dress to impress!

Want everyone to think you're a fancy art snob? Then you need to own a piece of original Collectors art! The 11x17 original pencil and ink pieces of your favorite Sunday morning Collectors comic strips are available to own and more will be added every month.

Click here to check out the Collectors Shop right now and get some cool swag for yourself or the people on your holiday shopping list!

7-17-12: 2012 San Diego Comic-Con Wrap up

Another San Diego Comic-Con is in the books and a fun time was had by all. I had a blast walking the convention promoting Collectors and giving away some t-shirts. Here are some of the people lucky enough to score a Collectors t-shirt:

Josh Bertone from the Spider-Man Crawlspace
Stella Bowman from Batgirl to Oracle
Jesse Wilson from BLT & Associates
Rob Reynolds from Metropolis Comics
A.J. Scudiere, best selling thriller author
David Crislip from Capcom
Herbe Trimpe, legendary Marvel Comics artist

This year was the first small steps to build up an audience for Collectors and so far the result is a huge jump in the number of likes for the facebook page and several people contacting me wanting to know when t-shirts will be available to buy. The highlight of the show was actually being recognized by one fan who approached me and said "Aren't you Eddie from Collectors?" Thanks everyone for making the show a rewarding experience for me!

5-10-12: Tony DeZuniga (1941-2012)
From iFanboy

We regret to report that artist Tony DeZuniga has passed away.

In his time, he made the wild west a little more wild, christening one of comicsí greatest antiheroes with the kind of scars only a mother (and countless readers) could love.

Born in the Philippines in 1941, DeZuniga first contributed to comics as a letterer for a weekly serial at age 16. He studied graphic design in America during the 60s before returning to the islands to pursue a career in advertising. He later journeyed back to New York where he made his name at DC and Marvel Comics during the 70s and beyond. He delivered stunningly visceral pencils and inks for titles like The Punisher, X-Men, Conan the Barbarian and even Star Wars.

But perhaps his most celebrated work was a collaboration with writer John Albano on that gnarly gunslinger Jonah Hex. He was there as artist from the very beginning in 1972's All-Star Western #10 and returned nearly 40 years later for Justin Gray and Jimmy Palmiottiís wonderful Jonah Hex: No Way Back OGN. Pick up that recent tale or the classic stuff in the Jonah Hex Showcase edition and youíre in for a real treat.

DeZuniga may have been the first Filipino artist to find success at the Big Two, but he also made sure he wasnít the last. He was a helping hand to many young talents from his native country, where he is lovingly remembered as ďMang Tony.Ē

Sadly, the artist suffered a severe stroke late last month in the Philippines, the condition worsened by the onset of pneumonia and an infection. The comics community scrambled to aid Tony and his family, but unfortunately the 71 year-old passed away today.

Thanks for blazing some wild trails for us readers and the many terrific Filipino artists who followed in your footsteps. That sunsetís all yours, Tony.

4-22-12: Collectors Become a Regular at Spider-Man Crawlspace

Brad Douglas, creator and webmaster (pun intended!) of Spider-Man Crawlspace , one of the most well known Spider-Man sites on the web, has invited me to make Collectors a regular part of the site. As a longtime fan of the Crawlspace, I was thrilled at the invite and you can now find Collectors there every week along with this site and the Collectors Facebook page.

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