Collectors is a weekly comic strip published
online every Sunday, written and drawn by
Eddie deAngelini.
Own a piece of original Collectors art! Each piece is the original pencilled and inked Collectors comic strip from that week. Each strip is created on 11x17 comic board and is a one of a kind, unique collector's item!

Star Wars #1 Sketch Cover

Thor #1 Sketch Cover

Superior Spider-Man #1 Sketch Cover

Thanos Rising #1 Sketch Cover

The Trouble With Comics
Farewell, Old Chum

Power Rings

Black Hole Collectors

Collectors Annual #3 Cover

Collectors Annual #2 Cover

12-18-16 Batman Xmas

7-17-16 Tales To Admonish

8-7-16 Collectors Trek

11-9-14 Eddie's Run

3-30-14 Fantastic Taxes

2-9-14 The Working Dead

12-29-14 Loki Kristen

8-25-13 "What Eddie Heard"

8-11-13 Fantastic Excuses

7-28-13 "Hall H Hell"

6-9-13 "Toy Shopping"

6-2-13 "Bat Trailers"

5-19-13 "Baby Shawarma"

4-28-13 "Raiders of the Lost Closet"

4-7-13 "Sick Day"

2-24-13 "No Future"

2-3-13 "Sweet Dreams"

12-30-12 "Bond, James Bond"

12-23-12 "Mego Heart Attack"

12-2-12 "Video Game Night"

10-28-12 "Halloween Party"

10-21-12 "Chicken Legs"

10-7-12 "Zombie Bill Collectors"

9-2-12 "At the Gym"

7-22-12 "Comic-Con Aftermath"

5-20-12 "Out on the Town"

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