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The love story of a husband, a wife  and a comic book collection. Collectors is a sunday-style color comic  strip about Eddie, a comic book collector who loves his wife and his  comic collection...but not always in that order! 

Written and drawn by Eddie deAngelini and loosely based on his own  marriage, Collectors is a love letter to the pop culture phenomenon of  comic books and to all the wives who trip over longboxes all over the  house! 


“We collectors of funny books have  to admit there's nothing funnier than ourselves!  Eddie Deangelini  skewers us with hilarity and love!”
 - Craig Yoe, YOE BOOKS 

“Collectors is a love letter to and from comics and their fans, chuckle inducing and very enjoyable.”

"A fun and funny strip that wears its heart on its spandex sleeve."
 - Larime Taylor, A VOICE IN THE DARK 

"Eddie does for comic book collecting what Harvey Pekar did for record collecting."
 - Sebastian A. Jones, CEO STRANGER COMICS 

"Each week, Eddie manages to capture the inner workings of nerd life in a  fun, spirited, sarcastic, and hilariously accurate cartoon"

About the Creator

Eddie deAngelini is a long time comic  book fan and collector. His love of comics began at a young age and  continues to this day and his webcomic Collectors is loosely based on  his own life, marriage and comic collecting obsession. The comic can be  found at CollectorsComic.com as well as in three collected print  volumes. He is a long time comic book fan and collector as well as the  co-owner and manager of the historic comic book shop Hi De Ho Comics in  Santa Monica, California. 


He currently lives in Los Angeles with his wife Kristen, where they plan together for the inevitable zombie apocalypse.  

Feel free to direct any questions, comments or inquiries to eddie@collectorscomic.com  

Eddie deAngelini is the creator writer artist of Collectors webcomic and comic books

Eddie deAngelini is the creator writer artist of Collectors webcomic and comic books

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